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You’ll feel the rush as oxygen-rich water pampers and envelopes your skin like a full-body massage – singing is encouraged.

High-Powered Happiness

Powerful technology enhances water pressure to create a robust, more satisfying spray
Multi Oxygenics setting with 6 water-expanding engines and 88 spray nozzles deliver concentrated spray power and ultimate coverage
Substantial 8" face ensures you’ll never be out in the cold
Easy-to-use lever makes switching sprays effortless

5 Incredible Settings

Five incredible settings that take you from WOW to wwwoooowww – with options like a glorious deluge of water with our BroadWash setting, a therapeutic massage with our FocusStream setting, or an oxygen-infused, good-for-you rinse. Definitely a great way to start or end your day.

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Additional Features

  • First-Rate Materials High-quality metal base and non-stick internal components ensure longevity and maximum performance
  • Oxygenated Water Oxygenated water improves efficiency of bath and shower products, allows for cleaner rising of hair, exfoliated skin and an improved outlook
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited lifetime warranty against clogging or performance failures of any kind
  • Installs Quickly No tools required means quicker, easier installation

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
Rush Rain Shower - 49528 Brushed Nickel 2.0 gpm N/A $54.95 view all info

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