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ShampoochPro + Lick Pad

The PAWfect pet washer for inside or outside! Add Shampoo directly into the stream of water, plus a silicone lickpad for the ulti-mutt distraction for a quick and easy clean!

Make Bathtime a Paw-ty

Ergonomic design makes one-handed operation a snap
Easy selector adds shampoo into your choice of water stream settings with the flick of a switch
Rubber nozzles massage the coat and ensure a deep clean
Silicone Lickpad to add a delicious distraction
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Additional Features

  • Shampoo Holder Dispenses your favorite pet shampoo
  • Extra-Long Hose and Storage Bag Includes 96" hose for extended reach and simplified rinsing plus a durable mesh storage bag to easily store all parts when not in use
  • Sink, Outdoor or Shower Includes adapters for a sink, outdoor spigot, and shower diverter for any ideal bathing location
  • Convenient Wall Mount To customize placement for easy storage

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
ShampoochPro + Lick Pad - 78144 Gray 1.8 gpm 96" $49.95 view all info

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