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For over 35 years, Oxygenics has been creating innovative, invigorating shower heads, using technology invented way ahead of its time. Our groundbreaking shower heads pioneered the idea that oxygen could be infused into the water stream, creating an invigorating spray that uses less water while still providing a powerful and memorable shower experience.

At Oxygenics, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to save water. That’s why we are the pioneers in creating high-efficiency and high-performance shower heads. We’ve put those same qualities into each of our shower heads today, so you’ll get an improved shower experience while reducing overall water and energy use.

We built our brand on client and customer satisfaction, loyalty and passion. Oxygenics shower heads are built to last and come with a “Never Clog!” Warranty. We offer what no one else can: a revolutionary, powerful technology that creates a money-saving, industrial-strength shower head, making less water feel like more.

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