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Who is Oxygenics?

Drop for drop, nobody provides a better shower experience than Oxygenics. For 40 years, Oxygenics has been pioneering industry-leading technology that leaves people drenched in amazement and soaked in satisfaction.

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Strength Comes from Within

Power of a Mini Jet Engine


The Oxygenics engine is what drives our Oxygenics spray settings. Water is first introduced into a pressure chamber that works like a mini turbine jet, increasing water velocity.

Oxygenated Bliss

Water then passes through an air vacuum at high speed, which infuses oxygen into every drop. The pressurized and expanded water is released through the shower head nozzles, creating a highly efficient use of water that conserves energy and water.


Better Showers for You

Supercharged Water Droplets

Adding oxygen to water causes the droplets to expand and gives you more coverage when you shower.

Most Efficient

The mixture of oxygen and water created by the Oxygenics engine blasts away dirt and odor with incredible strength.


Beautiful Finish, Always

"Never Clog!" Warranty

Oxygenics shower heads don't clog. Never have, never will.

High Quality Materials

Our shower heads are built to last and are made from the highest quality materials, both inside and out.


Effortless Convenience

Our Oxygenics shower heads are crafted with our customers in focus. That's precisely why the majority of our shower heads can be effortlessly installed without the requirement of any tools!

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