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What finishes does Oxygenics currently offer?

Depending on the model of the shower head, there are a variety of finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, white and matte black.

What is the difference between a comfort control and a SmartPause®?

Our comfort control has a turn valve that allows you to adjust the spray from a high pressure to a small trickle so that you can save water while you’re shaving, washing your hair, etc. Our SmartPause® feature is a push button that allows you to minimize the pressure of water down to a pencil-size stream.

Does the SmartPause® turn the water off?

Our SmartPause® valve does not function as a shut off valve. It allows you to minimize the shower pressure down to a pencil-size stream. This is a necessary safety feature as hot water can back up in the water line when water is stopped. This can result in the hot water spilling into the cold water channel – creating a high risk of scalding.

My shower head is leaking water from the connection at the grooved end. How can I fix?

Our hoses are designed with a backflow feature. When your water source is turned off, water that remains in the hose will siphon itself from the grooved end preventing any contaminated water from going back into your pipes. This will only last for a couple of seconds.

The 9” arm on my rain shower head is not at the right angle to move up and down. What do I do?

This may occur if there is too much or too little plumber’s tape on the shower pipe. To resolve the issue, you may disconnect the extension arm and remove or add plumber’s tape as needed. When reconnecting the extension arm, ensure that the wing nuts are turned horizontally (at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position).

My SkinCare Chrome 27267 did not come with a washer. Does it need one?

Our SkinCare shower heads do not come with a washer. Simply wrap plumber’s tape around your shower pipe and install the shower head.

Can I add more plumber’s tape than what is suggested in the installation directions?

We recommend that you wrap plumber’s tape 2-3 times around your shower pipe, however, you can always add more if needed.

Where is the restrictor located?

Depending on your model, the flow restrictor may be located in the shower head or diverter.

Can I remove the flow restrictor?

It’s not advisable to remove the flow restrictor as you risk damaging your shower head or significantly altering the unique spray patterns. Removing the restrictor will also void your warranty.

My hose is stiff, what do I do?

Your Oxygenics hose will loosen and become pliable with time. After time spent flexing, bending, etc. combined with hot water - the hose will relax and lay nicely in the holder.

Can I remove the plastic coverings on the metal hose ends?

Yes, the plastic coverings can be removed before using your new Oxygenics shower head. The coverings are there to protect the finish and prevent damage during shipment.

If a Bluetooth device is not synced with the speaker, does it manually turn off?

No, the speaker has to be turned off manually.

How do I know when the speaker is fully charged?

There is a red LED that is on when charging and turns off when charged.

Does the speaker come with a battery?

The speaker has a lithium battery that is rechargeable with the included micro USB cable.

The led light is flashing, what does this mean?

A flashing LED light indicates that the battery is running low or the speaker it trying to connect to Bluetooth.

There are multiple devices that are paired to the speaker but it is only recognizing one of the devices. How can I fix this?

If multiple devices are synced to the speaker, go onto the devices that you do not want to sync and unpair the Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

Does the speaker have a built-in FM radio?

No, to listen to music the speaker has to be paired with a computer, tablet or phone.

How can the volume be turned up and down?

The back and forward buttons control the volume. One tap skips songs, a long tap changes the volume.

What is the warranty for the speaker?

The speaker comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

How long can the speaker play per charge?

The speaker will play for up to 5 hours with a full charge.

What is the range of the Bluetooth?

The range is up to 30 feet.

Can the speaker pair directly to my device using the Micro USB Cable, not the Bluetooth?

No, the speaker can only be paired via Bluetooth.

How long does it take to charge the speaker?

If the speaker battery is dead, it takes 3-5 hours to fully charge.

Why is there rattling inside my Titan shower head?

The rattling in the Titan showerhead is due to the massage setting and is normal.

I’ve disconnected the back plate from the BodyBar, now what?

By installing the back plate of the BodyBar prior to connecting the hose will make it easier to slide the bar back onto the base.

There are letters on the back plate of my BodyBar, are they important?

It’s important to match up A to A and B to B assembly on the bar and the back plate for proper installation.

What type of water pressure can I expect from the BodyBar?

Water pressure will be full force if the BodyBar is used alone.

The BodyBar is not sticking to my shower wall, how can I make it stick?

Double check that the surface is cleared of any specks of dirt and that the surface is dry before applying 3M VHB tape. Ensure that the surface is not rough, porous, or fibered. It’s recommended to use a rubbing alcohol solution (IPA/ water mixture) to clean the surface. Please be aware that your surface might require extra attention. If your unit still does not stick to your shower wall, please submit a warranty request here and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you.