Meet the combo shower that's so exhilarating… you'll come out feeling like a rockstar.

Electrify Your Shower

Dual 10 setting shower heads provide up to 120 spray combinations
5" large face for improved spray coverage
Use each shower head individually or both together with included 3-way diverter
Includes a 72" stainless steel hose for expanded reach and ease of rinsing

Endless Possibilities

With 120 supercharged spray combinations to choose from, a unique waterfall feature, a complete 5 inch face, and a metal hose – your shower is your new stage.

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Additional Features

  • Ease and Durability Non-stick internal parts prevent clogging or corrosion for consistent performance
  • Easy Spray Selector Easy spray selector makes switching settings fast and effortless
  • Customized Shower Experience With 10 settings available on each face, the spray combination options make for a truly customized experience
  • Wide Coverage 10” of total coverage will make sure the Amp Combo has you covered

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
Amp 2.0 GPM Chrome Combo Shower Chrome 2.0 gpm 72" Stainless Steel Hose $76.95 view all info

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