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With 3 settings to help you recharge, relax and revive after a long day, this shower head is just what you need.

Ready… Aim… Revitalize!

Sleek, high-power, economical shower head will be a welcome addition to any décor
Efficiently designed to reduce water use without compromising power
Innovative Multi-Oxygenics spray with dual Oxygenics engines increase water pressure for a more powerful shower with less energy
Cutting-edge technology increases oxygen content for a more satisfying shower experience

3 Spa Settings

3 spa settings let you adjust the flow to massage tired muscles, refresh with an oxygen-enriched spray, or turn on the full-power rinse to wash off serious grime.

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Additional Features

  • Quality Materials Quality materials and superior construction ensure a lifetime of performance
  • Complete Coverage 3 spray settings allow for both wide and focused coverage
  • Easy Spray Selector Easy spray selector makes switching settings fast and effortless
  • Consistent Performance Metal base and non-stick internal parts add durability for consistent performance

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
PowerFlow Fixed Shower - 87546 Brushed Nickel 1.75 gpm N/A $20.95 view all info

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