The PowerMax comes equipped with 9 invigorating settings, guaranteed to get your day off to an energized start. Buckle up and prepare for more power!

Feel the Thrill

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9-stimulating settings including our innovative waterfall spray setting
4.5" spray face adds coverage for better rinsing
Efficient design increases water pressure
Non-stick internal parts prevent clogging or corrosion for consistent performance

9 Dynamic Functions

The PowerMax comes equipped with 9-invigorating settings, guaranteed to get your day off to an energized start

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Additional Features

  • Installs in Minutes Quick, easy, no-fuss installation
  • Unique SmartPause® Feature Our SmartPause® slows water to a trickle while maintaining temperature – perfect for shaving
  • Easy Spray Selector Easy-to-use spray selector makes switching settings fast and effortless
  • Made with Durable Parts Non-stick internal components prevent clogging and corrosion for reliable, consistent performance

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
PowerMax Fixed Shower - 52268 Chrome 2.0 gpm N/A $32.95 view all info
PowerMax Fixed Shower - 52568 Brushed Nickel 2.0 gpm N/A $38.95 view all info

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