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Build a better mouse trap (or shower head) and they will come.

On first seeing the shower head and its’ description in the Hammacher Schlemer cat. My intuition said “This is interesting.” Didn’t purchase at once. Let it percolate. Couple days later as I was showering under my old school round shower a little voice said, “You can do better.” Went out at once to H.S. (you can’t beat brick and mortar. Didn’t realize the head was so big and heavy. Impressive.)

Took first shower, giggled (at my age you don’t giggle), and never looked back.

Seriously, as a graphic artist I really like the esthetic look of the product, and its’ functionality right out of the box was A+(as it should be). I think its’ qualities as an Industrial design are outstanding. Now I can have an esthetic experience and get clean at the same time. Couldn’t ask for more.

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