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I love it more than my original Oxygenics.

I had one of the original Oxygenics for years. When we renovated our bathroom, I wanted another. The contractor wanted a part number, so I went to the website and found the Amp. We had it installed with the new shower stall and it was as good as the old style plus it has other sprays. I still use the air injected spray primarily and it is still noisy with the air mix, but this one has the option of two jets. It is really nice. And like the old one, nothing warms you like an Oxygenics. If you are really bone cold from doing work or play outdoors in the cold, this thing will warm you quickly. The other jets are nice for whatever you want in a shower. The curved vent makes a nice solid waterfall similar to the pool feed in the spa we go to.

It’s a nice, versatile shower head that looks nice and works well.

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