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A shower so great, it's scary! Enjoy the Contour's amazing combination of settings.

You Shall Have the Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Significantly increase power while using less water
4.9" Square face shape provides a different viewpoint vs. the standard round shower head
"NEVER CLOG!" Warranty
Features a 72-inch hose for those hard-to-reach places

Taming Those Snaky Medusa Locks

Things may have gone differently for Medusa if she only had this much shower power in the palm of her hands.

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Additional Features

  • Pressure Boosting Technology Cutting-edge technology increases water pressure creating a spray that is powerful and satisfying
  • 4.9" Square Face Shape Providing a different viewpoint vs. the standard round shower head
  • Non-stick Internal Parts Non-stick internal parts prevent hard mineral buildup and clogging
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Oxygenics shower heads include a limited lifetime warranty against the anomaly of a part failure

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