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SkinCare with Comfort Control

With the first use of our Oxygenics SkinCare shower head, you'll be in awe at how much water pressure comes in such a small package.

Maximize Your Flow

Powerful Oxygenics setting intensifies water pressure, turning less-than-ideal showers into powerful ones
Water efficient design reduces and conserves water without restricting power
Comfort Control allows for easy adjustment of water pressure
Cutting-edge technology strengthens spray and increases oxygen content

Supercharged Pressure

Our powerful, innovative Oxygenics setting amplifies water pressure to turn even the puniest water flow into a day-changer that gets you squeaky-clean – fast – so you can start your day energized and raring to go!

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Additional Features

  • High-Quality Parts Superior metal base and non-stick internal components provide increased durability and long-lasting performance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Includes a limited lifetime warranty to never clog or fail
  • Installs in Minutes Quick, easy, no-tools-required installation
  • Easy Spray Selection Easy spray selection with just a twist of the wrist

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
SkinCare with Comfort Control Fixed Shower - 27223 Chrome 1.5 gpm N/A $21.95 view all info
SkinCare with Comfort Control Fixed Shower - 27227 Chrome 2.0 gpm N/A $21.95 view all info

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