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PowerBlast RV

Clean body + clean shower with the versatility of a handheld and power of a PressureWash.

Wield the Power to Cleanse Body + Shower

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Activate PressureWash setting with the push of a button for easy clean-up
5" spray face adds coverage to easily wash away busy days
SmartPause® setting easily limits water usage to extend RV water tank
Extra-long 72" hose reaches ever corner of your body and shower

Rinse Away Busy Days

Life is busy, but the PowerBlast RV is here to help turn your to-do list into a to-done list!

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Additional Features

  • Amplifying Technology + Oxygen-Infused Water Our Oxygenics spray works like mini turbine jets - infusing the water with oxygen to expand each drop and significantly increase power
  • Tackle Shower Wall Grime This versatile handheld has a PressureWash setting that will wash away shower residue leaving shower walls cleaner than ever
  • 10 Settings Will Wash Away the Day With settings from Waterfall to Massage, this handheld is determined to provide a clean that's efficient and enjoyable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited lifetime warranty against clogging or performance failures of any kind

Product Variations

Product Name Finish GPM Hose MSRP Product Detail
PowerBlast RV Handheld Shower - 51760 White 1.8 gpm 72" $54.95 view all info
PowerBlast RV Handheld Shower - 51167 Chrome 1.8 gpm 72" Stainless Steel $65.95 view all info
PowerBlast RV Handheld Shower - 51799 White 1.8 gpm 72" $54.95 view all info
PowerBlast RV Handheld Shower - 51479 Brushed Nickel 1.8 gpm 72" Stainless Steel $71.95 view all info

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